Sunday, June 27, 2004

Poor Me. Pity-party nsues--don't read if you don't want to hear whining.

Wah. This party isn't fun. My daughter didn't sleep enough last night so has needed to nap since about 11:00. It took her until 3:30 though to fall asleep. Damnit. She's going to be up late again.

The woman my age are all chatting and making plans to get together for coffee or movies or whatever, but I'm not part of those plans. Doesn't matter that I don't live here, I'm not even invited to say no; and who knows, I might have planned to be here that particular weekend.... It hurts my feelings.

Then there's all the family friends, "Oh Eric, your daughter is so beautiful!" "Oh Eric, your daughter is such a sweetie!" "So, Eric, when you gonna get married again?" "If you haven't hooked up in the next year or so, I'm going to start looking for someone for you..." as if I, the mother of *his* beautiful daughter, am not standing *RIGHT THERE*! Jesus!

So fuck it. I snuck into the office to write this whiney-ass post to my sister where I'm busy feeling all sorry for myself (just in case any of y'alls wanted to give me proper pity, I've copied it over to this blog and edited it a little). Damnit. This is a good family, but I'd either like to be a part of it, really a part of it, or I'd like to not have to deal with this bullshit anymore. I'm tired (see my "I'm so tired" post from the middle of last night) and I want to go home.

I hope your weekends are all going well. As I said, I've done a copy/paste from my private blog to my sister 'cause I'm hoping I get a lot of encouraging, kind feedback; I could really use some positive words right now. Boy, nothing like asking for what you need, huh?

Alright, fuck it. Back to the "party". woo hoo :(