Monday, June 28, 2004


Last night as we were driving home from the not-so-great party, Emily would NOT go to sleep in the car. I shouldn't be surprised; she never sleeps in the car at night. The lights and shadows are far too fascinating. Man is she ever a child of her parents!

Anyway, we went through a tunnel and she asked, "Am I supposed to make a wish now?" "Oh, yes Honey! That's exactly what you're supposed to do in a tunnel" we replied (her father was in the car with us).

As we emerged, she said something about wishing for a seal with panties. Huh? "Yeah, Mommy, 'cause if the seal has panties on, then people won't eat it." Wha?? Where do they come up with this shit?

But it got us started. For the relationship we don't have anymore (and that's an entirely different week of posts), we still share a similar sense of humor and still enjoy each other's company periodically. I smirked at him as I said to our daughter, "Honey, people don't eat seals", long pause, "but some people eat beavers", pause, "like your daddy", longer pause, then in unison Eric and I both said, "or your mommy"--and burst out laughing!

Oh, I swore I was going to remember every single word of the exchange that followed so I could share it here, but damnit now it's been 24 hours and I can't remember. Shit. Well, suffice to say, we had about a 30 minute run on mommies and daddies eating beavers. After about 2 minutes, when she realized we just weren't making ANY sense in her 3 year old world, she just tuned us out. I haven't laughed that hard with Eric though in a long, long time.

Aw drat. I was so hoping this post would rival one of Vadergrrrl's runs; sorry to disappoint you all with my terrible memory.

Hope you're all enjoying a lovely evening. If any tasty beaver comes your way, just think of me fleetingly and enjoy yourselves thoroughly. :)

(Say, that reminds me, Vadergrrrl, I never did tell you about my dream the other night. Grrrrrooowwwwllllll. We'll have to catch up on the IM sometime) ;)

Have good dreams everyone,